Things To Consider Before Flying With Your Pet

Are you thinking about flying with your pet? This can be useful if you are planning on taking your pet on holiday with you or if you are moving to a new location. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for this process and making this decision. This can ensure a stress-free experience for both you and your animal.

Are You Traveling Abroad?

If you are travelling abroad, you must make sure that you have the right documents and vaccinations for your pet. Without this, your pet will not be able to fly with you.

Have You Arranged Food?

You do need to make sure that you arrange food for your pet from a shop like Barking Heads. Ideally, you want to avoid the food they have to chew as this can help avoid issues with choking. You should also be feeding them about four hours before the flight. That way, you can avoid them having a full stomach. You should also provide them with a small portion of food in a plastic compartment as part of their crate. That way, if they do get hungry they will have something with them.

Can Your Dog Be Tranqued?

An animal cannot and should not be tranqued when flying. Experts claim that this will increase the risk of heart failure as well as respiratory issues. If vets recommend tranqs then they are not following the standards and procedures laid out by animal health professionals. If your pet is tranqued then there is also a strong possibility that they will not be allowed to fly. It’s understandable why pet owners want to take this step. However, it is simply far too dangerous for your animal.

Do You Have A Connecting Flight?

You should be making sure that you are avoiding a connecting flight where possible. Connecting flights are going to be longer and will lead to your pet being disturbed multiple times on the trip. This also makes it more likely the pet will be injured or traumatised. You definitely want to avoid this type of situation and that’s why a direct flight will always be the best option where possible. This is true, even if you may need to pay a little more to arrange this type of flight. It will certainly be in the best interest of your pet.

Do You Have The Right Crate?

You need to make sure that you have the right crate for your animal. Be sure that you check the guidelines of the airline that you are flying with. This often differs from company to company. By checking, you can make sure that you are not making any mistakes here. Though, the general rule is that a crate cannot be more than nineteen inches. It also needs to provide enough space for an animal to stand up and move around. Ultimately, it’s important that they can find a comfortable position.

It’s worth noting that smaller animals that will fit under the seat can often fly on the plane with you.

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